Ondertussen werken we hard aan een nieuwe website, maar omdat we onze klanten belangrijke vinden kan het nog even duren.

Betalen via Adyen is eenvoudig en veilig. Voor Magento, osCommerce, Prestashop en Woocommerce kunnen we eenvoudig en goedkoop Adyen integreren zodat uw webshop betalingen via Adyen kan ontvangen.  

Adyen foutcodes

000 Unknown 010 Not allowed 100 No amount specifed 101 Invalid card number 102 Unable to determine variant 103 CVC is not the right length 104 Billing address problem 105 Invalid paRes from issuer 106 This session was already used previously 107 Recurring is not enabled 108 Invalid bankaccount number 109 Invalid variant 110 BankDetails missing 111 Invalid BankCountryCode specifed 112 This bank country is not supported 113 No InvoiceLines provided 114 Received a incorrect InvoiceLine 115 Total amount is not the same as the sum of the lines 116 Invalid date of birth 117 Invalid billing address 118 Invalid delivery address 119 Invalid shopper name 120 ShopperEmail is missing 121 ShopperReference is missing 122 PhoneNumber is missing 123 The PhoneNumber should be mobile 124 Invalid PhoneNumber 125 Invalid recurring contract specifed 126 Bank Account or Bank Location Id not valid or missing 127 Account holder missing 128 Card Holder Missing 129 Expiry Date Invalid 130 Reference Missing 131 Billing address problem (City) 132 Billing address problem (Street) Error Code Fault 133 Billing address problem (HouseNumberOrName) 134 Billing address problem (Country) 135 Billing address problem (StateOrProvince) 136 Failed to retrieve OpenInvoiceLines 137 Invalid amount specifed 138 Unsupported currency specifed 139 Recurring requires shopperEmail and shopperReference 140 Invalid expiryMonth[1..12] / expiryYear[>2000], or before now 141 Invalid expiryMonth[1..12] / expiryYear[>2000] 142 Bank Name or Bank Location not valid or missing 143 Submitted total iDeal merchantReturnUrl length is {0}, but max size is {1} for this request 144 Invalid startMonth[1..12] / startYear[>2000], or in the future 145 Invalid issuer countrycode 146 Invalid social security number 147 Delivery address problem (City) 148 Delivery address problem (Street) 149 Delivery address problem (HouseNumberOrName) 150 Delivery address problem (Country) 151 Delivery address problem (StateOrProvince) 152 Invalid number of installments 153 Invalid CVC 154 No additional data specifed 155 No acquirer specifed 156 No authorisation mid specifed 157 No felds specifed 158 Required feld {0} not specifed 159 Invalid number of requests 160 Not allowed to store Payout Details 161 Invalid iban 162 Inconsistent iban 163 Invalid bic 170 Generation Date required but missing 171 Unable to parse Generation Date 172 Encrypted data used outside of valid time period 173 Unable to load Private Key for decryption 174 Unable to decrypt data 175 Unable to parse JSON data 180 Invalid shopperReference 181 Invalid shopperEmail 182 Invalid selected brand 183 Invalid recurring contract 184 Invalid recurring detail name 185 Invalid additionalData 186 Missing additionalData feld 187 Invalid additionalData feld 188 Invalid pspEchoData 600 No InvoiceProject provided 601 No InvoiceBatch provided 602 No creditorAccount specifed 603 No projectCode specifed 604 No creditorAccount found 605 No project found 606 Unable to create InvoiceProject 607 InvoiceBatch already exists 608 Unable to create InvoiceBatch 609 InvoiceBatch validity period exceeded 690 Error while storing debtor 691 Error while storing invoice 692 Error while checking if invoice already exists for creditorAccount 693 Error while searching invoices 694 No Invoice Confguration confgured for creditAccount 695 Invalid Invoice Confguration confgured for creditAccount 800 Contract not found 801 Too many PaymentDetails defned 802 Invalid contract 803 PaymentDetail not found 804 Failed to disable 805 RecurringDetailReference not available for provided recurring-contract 806 No applicable contractTypes left for this payment-method 901 Invalid Merchant Account 902 Shouldn’t have gotten here without a request! 903 Internal error 904 Unable To Process 905 Payment details are not supported 906 Invalid Request: Original pspReference is invalid for this environment! 950 Invalid AcquirerAccount 951 Confguration Error (acquirerIdentifcation) 952 Confguration Error (acquirerPassword) 953 Confguration Error (apiKey) 954 Confguration Error (redirectUrl) 955 Confguration Error (AcquirerAccountData) 956 Confguration Error (currencyCode) 957 Confguration Error (terminalId) 958 Confguration Error (serialNumber) 959 Confguration Error (password) 960 Confguration Error (projectId) 961 Confguration Error (merchantCategoryCode) 962 Confguration Error (merchantName)